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First Steps For a Virginia Beach Oceanfront Wedding
First Steps For a Virginia Beach Oceanfront Wedding

Virginia Beach Wedding PlanningPlanning A Virginia beach Oceanfront Wedding

It is one of the most sought after weddings by couples of all ages. There is nothing as majestic as saying your vows with the backdrop of the ocean, or a the orange red hues of a memorable sunset. Like any other event, it requires planning that fits your needs. At the Virginia Beach Barclay hotel, we have had scores of weddings right in our “backyard”. By backyard I mean the boardwalk and the Atlantic Ocean. We have suites overlooking the water and two large banquet rooms. We specialize in this nuptial venue. This article is just a cursory starting point on some questions and key items you want to begin thinking about. After reading this, give us a call at the Barclay Hotel. We can work with you to make sure everything is in line, on time, and within budget.

Ask yourselves a few basic questions before you walk down the sand

  • Preparing for that big day near the Virginia Boardwalk? Here are a few simple things that you do not want to overlook. There are a lot more than just these things but these are good to start thinking about as you walk down the sand aisle.
  • Do you have a wedding permit?
  • Do you have a beach wedding permit for any commercial deliveries on public space including
    things like tents?
  • Will your event in anyway impede traffic on the boardwalk? If so, this a Virginia Beach no-no.
  • Do you have enough parking for everyone coming to the wedding?
  • Do you know what items you cannot have on a beach ceremony such as rice or helium balloons?
  • Have you contacted the Parks office to go over these details?

Choosing A Hotel?

Like all things here a few quick questions to keep in mind when choosing a hotel or meeting place. Here are some key questions to ask:

  • Is this within my budget?
  • Is this hotel available when I need it?
  • Does it have adequate parking, critical for the busy summer season?
  • Can it handle my guest list?
  • Are there plentiful rooms for out of town guests?
  • Most of all..do you feel comfortable with it?

beach wedding hotel virginia A Virginia Beach Wedding Hotel: The Barclay Towers Suites

The Barclay Towers sits right on the Oceanfront and offers a number of amenities and facilities for that perfect day including:

  • Suite rooms
  • In room hot tubs
  • 2 Flat screen televisions
  • FREE Deluxe Breakfast Meal
  • High Speed Internet
  • Ocean View Rooms
  • 2 large banquet rooms
  • Smoke FREE
  • abundant covered garage parking

Logistics of the Ceremony

Avoid these beach wedding pitfalls. Some are worse than others.

Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach Weather

Someone in the Virginia beach area once said to me if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes. I have seen it snow in April. I have seen it 80 degrees and sunny in February. I have seen it snow in the morning and then get sunny in the afternoon going from 30 degrees to low sixties on the same day. This is Hampton Roads. Weather is fluctuating daily. You need to make any plans with a weather contingent and indoor option. Here are a few pointers about the various seasons.

So what should you do?

Here are a few general pointers:

  • Be ready to come indoors.
  • Avoid scheduling during hurricane season. Have an umbrella or shelter ready if it is light rain.
  • Be ready for blanket like humidity in the summer.
  • In the winter, look for temperamental weather that can be freezing or a blustery 50 degrees.
  • Fall is a great time since Virginia Beach has a long fall with summer like temperatures well into September.
  • Early Spring can be a precipitation mess so March/ April may not be the best time. As you move into late April the weather, while rainy sometimes, is very bearable.
  • Though not bitter cold all of winter, there will be blustery days with strong ocean winds pouring off the Atlantic and you will feel it.

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