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Virginia Wine Festival at the Virginia Beach Convention Center
Virginia Wine Festival at the Virginia Beach Convention Center

Warm Up At The Virginia Beach Wine Festival!

Virginia Beach Wine Festival

Virginia Wine Festival 2016

Looking for something to do after the holidays. During the Second week of January 2016 Virginia Beach plays host to the Coastal Virginia Wine Festival.

In it’s second year the Virginia Wine Festival is the kickoff event for the ever expanding Virginia Wine Industry. Sponsored by Vistagraphics, publishers of Virginia Wine Lover Magazine, the event brings the major wineries and vineyards to Hampton Roads.

Background on Virginia Wine Lover Magazine

Virginia Wine Lover Magazine showcases the Virginia Wine Industry in full depth. It includes exclusive information about the wineries themselves, the owners, and of course the different wines. As wine in the Commonwealth of Virginia continues to gain in prominence, Virginia Wine Lover Magazine has documented its growth. It is a great resource when you set out to visit the different vineyards. Now they are in one place.

Visit them all in one shot

Now you can sample the majority of the vineyards in one sitting at the convention center. Booth after booth will feature the different types of unique wine produced here. It is also a great way to begin planning which vineyards you want to visit.

Plus even more activities..

The Virginia Wine Festival offers wine tasting and a whole lot more. Included in the festivities are:

  • Specialty foods
  • Entertainment
  • Craft beer
  • Education
  • Grape Stomp Competition

For more information or ticketsVirginia Wine Festival

Basic Information

Where is the Event?

The Virginia Beach convention center

When is the Event?

The Winefest will take place on January 16-17, 2016

What is the Cost?

There are two types of tickets. One is a tasting ticket and one is a non tasting ticket. Here is the cost breakdown

  • tasting ticket: $50 at the door or $40 if ordered before
  • non tasting: $35

What is included with my ticket?

Tasting ticket

• Glass
• Bag
• Music
• Food (appetizers)

Non tasting ticket

• Wine
• Music
• food tastings

Can I get a discount on the tasting tickets?

Yes, you can order a six pack of tickets and save $30 total if purchased in advance. You can also get a two day pass for $60 if ordered in advance which is a savings of $20

Is the parking included?


Where do I get tickets?

follow this link and get ’em while you can

Can I see a preview?

Here is a link to the vendor photo gallery

Looking to find out more about Virginia Wine?

Come prepared with information about Virginia Wine. Come visit Virginia Wine Lover and read scores of articles on

• wineries
• pairing food with the right wine
• great wine destinations

VA Wine Festival Tips

Here are a few pointers to help you get the most out of your experience
  • Make sure to sample wines from the different wine regions (known as the Virginia Wine Trails). There are many different varieties and you want to get to know them all
  • Drink responsibly: Get that designated driver ready or call a cab
  • Take notes: yes, a little nerdy, but you might find the wine you always dreamed of and you are not going to remember it after sampling thirty wines.
  • Don’t spit it out I know this is not a conventional recommendation but your indoors and I didn’t see anyone spitting it out the wine at last years festival.

Here is a list of wineries that participated in the event last year

Virginia Wine Vendors


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